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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are our customers' most frequently asked questions.

What is the cost of your coaching/ mentoring service?
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Our coaching/ mentoring service is free of charge, but you must subscribe to our newsletter. However, if you want one-on-one coaching, you will need to contact us for a proposal. The cost will depend on location, and input hours.

What are the financial reports I should expect?
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When you subscribe to our financial services, you will receive weekly/ monthly reports on the following: sales, expenses, business outlook, profit & loss, top-performing products, and balance sheet.

Does the POS and accounting software installation have a one-time payment?
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Yes, for our service only. The moment we finish our deployment, and possibly training, our job is done. However, you will continue to pay for the software on a monthly or yearly basis. Except for QuickBook desktop Pro that has a one-time payment.

How do I renew my monthly subscription for cloud POS?
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After deployment, we will teach you how to go about it on your own. However, we can be renewing the payment for you if you wish. But we will advise a yearly subscription.

Is the amount paid for POS & accounting software installation inclusive of the software?
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No. You will pay us for our service and subscribe yearly for the continuation of the service.

What if I want to discontinue a particular service?
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It's simple. Do not subscribe to that service in the subsequent month/ year. But note that discontinuing a service that you will use later may lead to loss of data. Try to ensure that your data is safe and properly backed up before discontinuing the service.

I have more questions but I cannot find answers to them.

Contact us, we will respond to your questions within 24 hours.