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How it Works


The following page states how it works when you choose one of our business development services.

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Subscribe

    • Subscribe to our weekly/ monthly coaching/ mentoring newsletter
  • Newsletter

    • Receive weekly/ monthly emails on business development services, and financial assistance programs
  • Participate

    • Participate in our coaching & mentoring webinars & seminars

POS/ Account Software Deployment

  • Request

    • Request a proposal by submitting the "Get a Proposal" form on our website.


  • Proposal

    • Peruse the proposal/ quotation sent to you in respect to POS (Point of Sale) or Accounting software.
  • Product

    • On the proposal form, fill the required product accordingly: e.g. POS >> Nextar admin.
  • Date

    • We'll agree on a date for the deployment of the software and training
  • Payment

    • Pay 60% of the cost of deployment and pay the balance after the deployment

Financial Services

  • Browse

    • Browse through our financial services plans
  • Select

    • Select a plan that is suitable for your business. This will depend on the size of your business
  • Subscribe

    • Pay for your chosen plan, either monthly or yearly.
  • Upload

    • Upload your daily transactions on a daily or weekly basis
  • Reports

    • Receive weekly or monthly reports on your business financial stand